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We Create Loyal Customers & Drive Retention

Helm Technologies stands at the forefront of innovation, harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize text and email marketing by leveraging data within retail business systems, and convert this information meticulously designed campaign automations to drive business growth.

Create Lists of Loyal Customers

Our TCPA opt-in technology captures customer throughout the customer journey.  Combined with our innovative engagement technology, ensures low unsubscribe rates and enduring customer loyalty.

AI-Powered Text & Email Campaigns

Harnessing the power of AI from key business systems amplifies customer engagement, boosts sales, and refines marketing tactics, offering an innovative method in our text and email marketing solution.

Innovative Lead Engagement

Highly contextualized messaging and innovative engagement tools like virtual scratch-off campaigns are designed to be highly relevant, personalized, and designed to captivate and convert your audience effectively.

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Specialized Industry Expertise

Powerful AI Text and Email Marketing

Automotive Dealerships
We are in the Automotive Dealership Industry

Helm Technologies excels in the Automotive industry, leveraging specialized knowledge to create targeted campaigns that resonate with consumers, driving increased engagement and ROI for automotive brands.

Wireless Retail Franchise
We are in the cellular and wireless retail industry

Our iQmetrix solutions is perfectly tailored the wireless retail industry, using our deep understanding to develop impactful marketing strategies that connect with customers, driving engagement and growth for wireless brands.

NAPA Auto Care Members
We are  in the Tire and Service Repair Industry

As the official text marketing partner of NAPA Auto Care, our fully automated NAPA TRACS solution is designed to drive business growth, while keeping the hectic schedule of today's shop manager in mind.

DealerTrack is a integration partner

Helm Technologies excels in Ecommerce text & email marketing solutions; we can deliver robust marketing strategies that drive significant engagement and growth for enterprise-level clients.

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Subscription Plans

Helm Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of full-service and self-managed SaaS solutions for franchise and enterprise networks.

Automotive Dealership

Sales & service subscriptions

Monthly & Annual Options

Co-op Approved


Certified All Major DMS

  • Text & Email Marketing

  • 9 Sales Campaign Automations

  • 2 On-Demand Campaigns

  • Account Performance Manager

  • Opt-in Form & QR Code Package

  • Real-time 1:1 Texting

  • Direct Leads to CRM, BDC, Online Scheduler, or Sales/Service Team

Wireless Retail Franchise

iQMetrix subscription

Tiered Pricing

Technical Support & Training


iQmetix Certified Partner

  • Text & Email Marketing

  • Complete Easy to Use Saas Solution

  • Wireless Industry Automations

  • Seamless POS Opt-in

  • Specialized Wireless Automations

  • Centralized Marketing Control

  • Complex Organizational Structures

  • Real-time 1:1 Texting

  • Directed Leads to Location, Call Center or Online Scheduler

NAPA Auto Care Members

NAPA TRACS subscription

Monthly Subscription

Technical Support & Training


NAPA TRACS Certified

  • Fully Automated Text Marketing

  • Complete Easy to Use Saas Solution

  • Select from Library of NAPA Text Templates

  • Post Sale VIP Text Club Invite

  • Real-time 1:1 Texting

  • Official Text Marketing Partner

Magento Ecommerce Websites

Magento Subscription

API Access for Integrations

Technical Support

Integrates with Magento

  • Text & Email Marketing

  • Complete Easy to Use Saas Solution

  • Abandon Basket Automation

  • Pop-up or Integrated Opt-in

  • Complete List Management

  • API access for integrations

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Frequently Ask questions

Is Helm Technologies TCPA Compliant?

Certainly, Helm Technologies' text and email marketing software, provided as a SaaS solution, adheres strictly to the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) guidelines, ensuring full compliance as long as users operate within the established policy parameters.

Is the Wireless Solution DIY?

Yes, our wireless solution, provided as a SaaS model, is inherently DIY-friendly, requiring no physical installation and offering intuitive, user-led configuration and management.

Is the NAPA Auto Care Solution DIY?

Given the busy schedule of shop personnel, the NAPA Auto Care solution is set up to be a fully automated requiring minimal intervention as campaigns will be sent automatically. However, the platform is loaded with capabilities of which advanced users can create and send campaigns.

Is the Automotive Solution Full Service?

Indeed, our automotive sales and service offerings are designed as comprehensive, full-service solutions under a subscription model, that execute campaigns as directed by the dealership.

What Does Full-Service Include?

Our experienced Performance Managers diligently oversee the setup and ongoing operation of automated campaigns and ensure monthly on-demands are carried out effectively. Additionally, they provide timely and comprehensive reports to keep you informed about ROI progress and make recommendations for change to ensure the ongoing success of campaign initiatives.

Can I See a Demo?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of experiencing our services firsthand before making a decision. To arrange a demonstration, please contact our team. We will be happy to schedule a convenient time to showcase the features and capabilities of our service.

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Deep Dive

In our blog posts, you will discover a wealth of knowledge on various aspects of services and technology, including the latest developments and strategic perspectives essential for understanding the evolving landscape of our industry.

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Team: Tanvir Arfi, CEP & Cofounder
Tanvir Arfi
CEO & CoFounder
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Team: Michael Wacht, President
Michael Wacht
President & chief Product strategist
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Team: Anthony Petrone, VP of Sales
Anthony Petrone
Vice president of sales & training

Meet Our Team

Each member brings unique insights from decades in the field, fueling our mission to revolutionize team communication and productivity. Helm Technologies isn't just a team; it's a powerhouse of creativity and effectiveness, dedicated to leveraging extensive industry experience to achieve exceptional results.

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