How Helm Technologies Uses AI

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, Helm Technologies stands at the forefront of innovation, harnessing the power of Narrow Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize text and email marketing strategies within the automotive industry. This white paper delves into the sophisticated integration of AI with Helm Technologies' Dealer Management System (DMS), highlighting how this synergy enables the delivery of highly personalized marketing campaigns. By leveraging data-driven insights into customer service behaviors, maintenance histories, and comprehensive ownership costs—including factors such as repair expenses, vehicle age, interest rates, and remaining payments—Helm Technologies is not only enhancing customer engagement but also unlocking new dimensions in generating targeted leads for sales and customer loyalty for service. This exploration showcases the transformative impact of AI in refining marketing efficacy and driving business growth in the competitive automotive sector.

Helm Technologies specializes in automated text and email marketing that leverages deep data insights and predictive customer buying patterns within CRM, POS, DMS, and eCommerce platforms, and enhanced data services with strategic partnerships.

Note: Commonly used definitions and terminology in the AI industry at included at the end of this blog.

Helm Technologies' application of Narrow AI extends beyond generalized customer interactions, encompassing a suite of 18 automotive dealership customer specific marketing campaign automations, each meticulously designed to drive sales and service. These campaigns are intelligently tailored, leveraging AI to dissect and understand varied customer buying behaviors, thus ensuring that every marketing effort is precisely targeted and highly effective. The key to this approach lies in the seamless integration of AI with the nuanced dynamics of each dealership's operational model, enabling the delivery of customized and compelling messages that resonate with distinct customer segments. Additionally, the Helm Technologies Vector Database plays a pivotal role in this ecosystem.  By continuously absorbing and learning from new customer behavior data extracted from the DMS, it empowers the AI to refine its predictions and recommendations constantly. This leads toa virtuous cycle of improvement, where each campaign becomes more insightful and results-driven, solidifying Helm Technologies' expertise in driving impactful sales and service outcomes for automotive dealerships.  It also results in making the data leveraged from the DMS more accurate and actionable within the Helm Technology vector databases.

Helm Technologies AI Uses

Sales Campaign Automations: Helm Technologies leverages DMS data with our AI technology to drive innovative sales campaign automations, to deliver high-probability sales leads.

Sample Sales Campaigns: Email

Sample Sales Campaigns: Text

Service Campaign Automations: Helm Technologies leverages the DMS with our AI technology to drive innovative service campaign automations, each tailored to individual customer profiles to improve retention and customer loyalty through personalize and relevant messaging.

Sample Service Campaigns: Email
Sample Service Campaigns: Text

Other AI Uses & Beta Testing

Expanded Reporting Suite: A new suite of expanded reporting tools that will directly attribute sales and repair orders to Helm Technologies campaigns, providing you with clear insights into the ROI of your marketing efforts.

ChatGPT AI Sentiment Analysis: Leveraging advanced AI, we conduct a sentiment analysis on inbound customer text messages to train staff on actionable red, green and yellow message indicators. This will enable more personalized and effective communication with your clients. (Add-on Service, Beta)

Professionalism Analysis:  Enhance BDC agent communication with our AI-driven assessment of outbound text messages. This tool analyzes outbound text messages against a knowledgebase of over 1 million agent communications to promote excellence in customer interaction. (Add-on Service, Beta)

ChatGPT Content Creation: Leveraging ChatGPT significantly enhances text and email content creation. ChatGPT's advanced language processing capabilities enable us to swiftly craft creative and personalized content for our on-demand campaigns based on historical effectiveness of past campaigns, and current marketing strategies of the dealership.  This AI-driven approach not only streamlines the content creation process but also ensures that each piece of communication is finely tuned to resonate with the specific preferences and interests of our audience.

Chief Insight & Product Strategist: Dealer groups will now be supported by the Chief Insight & Product Strategist that has over 20 years of digital marketing and technology experience and was an early adopter of using AI language models.  Working in conjunction with the Performance Managers, this marketing and technology professional will offer in-depth analysis and strategic marketing reviews, tailored to the specific dealership.

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I'm proud of our pioneering use of Narrow AI in digital marketing for the automotive sector. We're transforming customer engagement and driving growth through personalized, data-driven strategies, and strategic partnerships, setting a new standard in the industry.

Michal Wacht

Chief product & Insight strategist, President

Strategic Partnerships

Clickable: The synergy between Helm Technologies and our strategic partner Clickable further amplifies the efficacy of our AI-driven content ideation. Clickable's expertise in VIN life cycle analysis plays a pivotal role in enhancing the accuracy and depth of the data extracted from the Dealer Management System (DMS). By tracking each vehicle's journey from its initial sale at the dealership to its probable exit from the ecosystem, Clickable provides invaluable insights into the automotive market dynamics. This comprehensive understanding of the VIN life cycle, when integrated with Helm Technologies' campaign automation, enables dealerships to gain a clearer picture of customer retention trends. Such insights are crucial for identifying and addressing the challenges of low frequency, inactive, and lost customers where the vehicle sale originated at the dealership. This combined approach not only helps in retaining existing customers but also opens new avenues for re-engaging those who might have drifted away. Ultimately, this collaboration between Helm Technologies and Clickable sets a new standard in utilizing data-driven strategies to enhance customer loyalty and maximize retention in the automotive retail sector.

T2: The strategic alliance with T2 intensifies the power of Helm Technologies' sales and service automations, offering a significant advantage in the automotive industry. T2's expertise in providing comprehensive, up-to-date VIN registration information throughout the entire lifecycle of a vehicle, including additional vehicles in the same household, is invaluable. This rich data enhances the precision of the Dealer Management System (DMS), particularly when integrated with Helm Technologies' vector database. This integration leverages machine learning to refine data accuracy, ensuring that every customer insight and trend is captured with high fidelity for future campaigns.

Furthermore, T2's ability estimate vehicle equity is a game-changer when combined with Helm Technologies' detailed analysis of vehicle repair frequency and costs, this creates a powerful formula for generating high-quality sales leads. Our automations are finely tuned to identify and prioritize leads from customers who are actively engaged in servicing, ensuring that the sales team focuses on prospects with a higher probability of conversion. Additionally, T2's capability to provide recall information, which can be communicated to customers through our sales subscription service, adds another layer of personalized and timely engagement to drive sales and service leads.

One of the standout features of this partnership is the seamless infusion of leads generated from sales and service automations directly into the CRM system. This not only streamlines the lead management process but also provides clear, quantifiable ROI attribution to Helm Technologies as the primary source of these leads. This integration is vital for dealerships to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing strategies accurately.

Moreover, the combined efforts of Helm Technologies and T2extend to understanding and improving customer retention rates. By harnessing the power of both services, dealerships gain deeper insights into the lifecycle and behavior of their customers. This knowledge is pivotal in retaining customers, thereby reducing the instances of low frequency, inactive, and lost customers. In essence, this partnership not only fosters immediate sales growth but also builds a foundation for long-term customer relationships and loyalty, ensuring a sustainable and profitable business model for dealerships in a competitive market.